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“Let’s Talk Pleasure”

“Let’s Talk Pleasure” is this year’s World Sexual Health Month theme. 

World Sexual Health Month was created to bring awareness and education around sexual health and wellness and open up topics of conversation which may otherwise not be had. These days, more and more countries and communities are deep diving into very relevant topics around our sexual health and wellness and saving lives. We are very grateful for these conversations, and as a collective, we will do our part in amplifying the voices before us. 

So, let’s talk pleasure!

We decided to deliver the Top-5 things that can enhance your pleasure sensory system in the bedroom! Let’s dive in!

  1. Smell. Getting down to business in a musky, dusty room will not help get the juices flowing! Our sense of smell is very in tune with making or breaking a bedroom vibe. Create a smell that ignites a sense of safety, comfort and calm. Lavender is a well-known smell that creates relaxing, calming energy. Floral scents can sometimes be too much like an air freshener so if you opt for a floral scent, try pachouli or a woody scent like cedar or sandalwood. You may even like reincarnating a scent associated with a particular memory you want to tap into. To create the ultimate bedroom scent, you can either light some candles (We suggest lighting minimum two candles), or spray some essential oils over the sheets, or light some incense, or burn some Palo Santo wood.
    Here are some of our favourites!

    Scarlet Nights – Glass House Candles
    Sage or Sandalwood – Incense (the coils usually last longer)
  2. Let there be light! Ever wondered why concerts feel so magical and surreal when you watch them? Lighting! How boring would Beyonce be without a stage full of lights dancing with her? Now, I’m not saying the bedroom needs concert lighting (maybe that is your jam – awesome!), but it most definitely needs lighting to suit and enhance the mood! Soft mood lighting with amber, red or golden tones is a popular choice over white, stark light. If what we see appeals to us, it helps get the mind aroused and opens up a gateway of pleasure to follow. 
  3. Start with a massage. Pleasure should take time, building in intensity and enjoyed immensely. Do not rush things. If you are alone, lay down, gently feel your body under your fingertips, and get in tune with your unique touch. If you are with company, take turns in massaging each other and relaxing into the space around you. Touch will activate the largest organ in the human body – the skin. We start to become responsive to tickles and pressure, strokes and pulses and get our senses in line; remember, its not about getting knots out of muscles. It is more about connection and sensory activation. 
  4. Talk. Communication is sexy! Curiosity is divine! Check in with the other person. Ask how they feel, if they want you to keep going and if that feels good! Communication is an Aural pleasure! You may even like to add some music in the background. ‘Coffee Table Jazz’ is one of our favourite pleasure-enhancing Spotify Playlists! Don’t be afraid to check in with the other person and ensure you are both on the same page. If it suits, why not give dirty talk a little try? Similarly, if you do not like something, say something. The truth will set your bedroom pleasure free, and you will also feel better for it! 
  5. Be ready for the finale. There is nothing worse than awkwardly getting up afterwards to scurry around for a tissue or wet cloth to clean up or crawl under the bed for pyjama pants. Be prepared! Bedside essentials: Lube, wet cloths (wet wipes), tissue, bin, and change of clothes, all in an arm’s reach, so you can relax and settle in for a well-deserved night’s rest. Just remember to blow out the candles!


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