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The ONA Story

Making pleasure remarkable…

is our purpose

Why we exist

Welcome to ONA Luxury.

Made for seekers of pleasure & wellness.

We are innovators of the sexual wellness industry. Developing products backed by research and our passion for education. Our products are made with the highest-quality ingredients and thoughtfully designed with absolute luxury and efficacy.

Our most loved product is our intimate water-based lubricant. Developed with every detail considered. It is cruelty-free (no animal testing), vegan-friendly, non-sticky, fragrance-free, non-staining, glycerin-free, paraben-free, non-toxic, and has no artificial flavours or scents. Made for easy cleanup, it is PH balanced, latex, rubber, and plastic friendly (compatible with all toys).

At ONA we design with all of you in mind. Meaning we create products that seamlessly become part of your personal care routine, assist you in creating pleasurable intimate experiences and support your health too. We believe that knowledge is power, and so education is our mantra. ‘ONA Talk’ is where you will find a lot of our research, our stories, answered questions and everything in between. 

As part of our launch range, we’ve designed a lubricant experience so good that it seeks to flow with your experience, emulating and enhancing your own wetness.

Our lubricants are fragrance-free, which means that you will smell and taste like yourself, and the slip this product provides will feel seamlessly like your own.

We welcome you to discover more about us, but more importantly, more about yourself.

Intimate Wash with Vitamin E

Our skin-nourishing intimate wash is designed to cleanse, hydrate and gently remove impurities from your skin without disrupting your natural PH. Carefully...
Water Based
Non Toxic
Fragrance Free
Vegan Friendly
Natural Ph Balanced

Water-Based Intimate Lubricant

Our fragrance-free, water-based, intimate lubricant is designed to mimic your own wetness and provide silky comfort and long-lasting pleasure. Infused with Hyaluronic...
Water Based
Non Toxic
Fragrance Free
Vegan Friendly
Natural Ph Balanced

Our Aspiration

Igniting a deeper understanding and experience of pleasure and wellness for all. 

Meaning we foster online and physical spaces for learning and sharing and products for daily pleasure and wellness.

A message from our founder

I wanted something that made me feel alive.

The name ONA, refers to all. It was important to me to create products that work seamlessly as part of our personal care routine and embrace our unique and diverse bodies. I get goosebumps when I hear of how ONA impacts lives and provides genuine comfort and support. 

I hope we satisfy your desires, and thank you for inviting ONA Luxury into your intimate space.

We feel very welcome here.

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