Ona Luxury

Introducing ONA Luxury

Hi, I am Krystie Steve, Founder of ONA Luxury.

I created ONA Luxury because I wanted to bring to life a product range that celebrates pleasure, wellness and purpose. I was craving something like this in the market but came to many dead ends. I looked everywhere for intimate products that were high quality, made me feel a part of a greater purpose and inspired me to spend time on self-care. I didn’t want a plastic squeezy bottle of lubricant or a bi-product of a condom line or something from the discount pharmacy. I wanted luxury.

Most importantly, I wanted something safe for my body, created a mood in my intimate space and catered to my wellness needs.

And so, ONA was created.

The philosophy of ONA Luxury is combining science and pleasure.

Knowledge is key. We open up conversations for guidance, community and care, bringing science-backed products and education to the forefront. We believe that you should feel supported and comfortable talking about sexual desires and needs in an open, kind and helpful environment. We believe that our products serve a deeper purpose to their users.

Our ethos at ONA is to make pleasure remarkable. Simple as that. 

We design efficacious products that are long lasting, gentle on the skin, do what they say they are going to do and attend to the individual needs of its users. We intend on innovating in this space and are driven to evoke change, awareness and positivity in the intimate wellness category.

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