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I want to smell like me, not marshmallows

” I don’t like to use feminine/intimate washes, it may be feminist of me but I want to smell like me and not marshmallows!”

Amen! We couldn’t agree more!

Using a nice, balanced wash is helpful for our intimate areas to sustain a healthy and supported life.

We are always working on reducing harmful stereotypes and misinformation about our bodies and wellness. It’s important to embrace hygiene and health without the stigma and untruth! There is no shame in our natural scents. If there is an unhealthy balance, our bodies will tell us through smells, discharge and discomfort, masking this with strong fragrances is not fixing the root of the problem and often makes the issue worse. Consult your doctor to get advice on what you can do if you are having concerns.

No lollipops and strawberries here at ONA, it’s about embracing the natural beauty and ensuring optimum health and balance throughout all of our products. Providing our customers with absolute trust, comfort and care!

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