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Get To Know Chanelle Taylor- Muse Of The Month

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible woman who is Chanelle Taylor, a native New Zealand model and nature enthusiast.
Not only is she our featured muse of the month but she allowed us into her intimate space as we talked all things pleasure, sex and happiness.

Chanelle, what gives you pleasure in your life?

The ocean, water, food and cooking good food, art, drawing and painting. The freedom to draw anything I want. The stillness you feel in nature, peaceful and quiet and comforting. I love to give to others, even small things like tidying up or cleaning and doing nice things for people.

What does self-love look like to you?

I am still learning about how to practise self-love and what that means to me, I am getting better at spending more time with myself and not feeling guilty about that.

If happiness was made up of 3 ingredients, what would it be?

Being out in nature and the ocean and underwater.
Food, cooking food and sharing food. Everything to do with the food experience, growing organic vegetables and herbs, getting the flavour I want and then sharing it. It’s the whole sensory experience.
I love Art and drawing – there are too many to list!

As an ONA woman, what would you say to others who seek pleasure, wellness and purpose?

I have only just started understanding what it means to please myself, it has been a journey for me. I would want others to know that it’s ok to spend time with themselves. I am still learning to not feel shame and guilt with self-pleasure and I would want others to feel the same.

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