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Why Wetter Is Better

When it comes to the body’s many unique and natural lubricants, there are tears, sweat, saliva and then there’s the wetness between your legs that has no casual name. And we wish it did have a beautiful word in everyday language. The male version is often called pre-cum, but the female has no colloquial name, only medical terms like discharge or arousal fluid – real sexy! Yet, this wetness does not always come/cum when you want or need it to, right?

This slick moisture that flows from a vagina or penis when it is aroused isn’t always predictable or concordant with arousal (see our feature on arousal non-concordance for more information). The lack of moisture produced by the vagina or penis can also be affected in different ways, by stress, medication, hormones and over-friction. This is where lubricant becomes an essential part of comfort during intimacy and ensures that your bits are being looked after. Just like looking after the skin on your face or the cleanliness of your teeth, lubricant is self-care.

A well-formulated lubricant should enhance and emulate your own wetness to make pleasure last beyond your intimate and sexy moments. Without enough lubrication, sex can create painful friction, increasing chances of tissue disruption, imbalance and discomfort. Disrupted tissue is more vulnerable to infections, STIs and STDs, so protecting your delicate vagina or penis with a well-formulated lubricant is so important. Besides, feeling comfortable in your body post-sex is something that belongs to everybody and after-care should be a priority! P.S Don’t forget to pee after sex, see why here

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