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Why sex is so much more than penetration.

Sex, for me, is made up of lots of tiny moments. It’s like an eclectic mix of ingredients that bake a delicious cake. Let me explain.
I was listening to a Glennon Doyle podcast on my walk the other day and Glennon’s partner, Abby, said that sex to her, is making coffee in the morning. I thought, ‘oh come on, really?’ But as I sat with the thought (after my 7km hike around the bay) I asked myself ”what is sex in its entirety for me?” and it got me thinking…

Sex for me, is the tiny moments throughout my days and weeks that accumulate and become a pile of individual pleasures that ultimately I use as a resource to fuel my sexual experiences. It may be the simplest of things such as:

– The warmth I feel seeing an elderly couple holding hands as they walk through the park, which leaves me a little gift of love.
– The sensual tingle I get from sliding my fingers over racks of luxurious lace at my favourite lingerie store.
– Catching the lingering scent of cologne on my partner’s shirt from the night before.
– Making myself a healthy juice and meditating to start my day.

These tiny little pleasures that I actively experience provide a heightened sense of happiness and confidence.
When I become aroused, I am fueled by the pile of pleasures which I have amounted, and levitate from this to have the ultimate sexual experience, and to me, that is sex.
The journey of arousal is not a rigid path. It’s expressive, creative, open and diverse.

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