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‘Natural’ and ‘Body-Safe’, What Does It Really Mean?

Natural has a different meaning when it comes to products here at ONA. 

We develop products with the science of your skin and health in mind. To understand the needs of our bodies we must understand the elements that make up the skin and what keeps that composition in its happy natural balance (also known as homeostasis). 

For example, coconut has its own natural balance of elements that make up its composition. This composition is natural and normal for coconut but your vulva is not a coconut. This is why coconut oil is not a natural substance when it comes to thinking about intimate care products. Nor are many other raw ingredients like nut oils and butters, essential oils, and unprocessed botanical ingredients that are usually labelled by mainstream beauty products as natural. When these ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ ingredients are applied to the skin and they do not closely match the human natural skin environment they can disrupt your skin’s homeostasis and cause significant imbalance and irritation. 

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